Money Spells, Basic Steps to Successful Money Spell work
Although every spell is different, most involve a series of steps, as outlined here, or some version of them. Following these steps not only increases your likelihood of success; it also decreases your chance of mix-ups. An athlete wouldn’t run a marathon without stretching first, nor would a surgeon perform a procedure without sterilizing his hands. The same holds true for spellwork. Setting the stage, cleansing your tools, and-above all-preparing your mind are important to the success of your spells. Each step of a spell serves a purpose, and they all lead to your desired outcome.

1. Silence all distractions.

Turn off the TV, silence your phone, etc. Tell other people who won’t be participating in the spell not to bother you. Put pets in a safe place where they won’t demand your attention or upset your activity. You need to keep your attention focused on your task in order to produce good results.
2. Establish your intention. Write down your intention-this helps clarify your objective and starts the process of moving it out of your mind and into physical form. 3. Collect all the ingredients necessary for your spell. Cleanse each item, either by washing it with mild soap and water or by smudging it in the smoke of burning sage or
incense. Bring all the objects you’ll use into the space where you’ll perform your spell.

Money Spells
Money Spells

4. Prepare your Spell Working space.

Maybe you’re fortunate enough to have a place to call your sanctuary-a room in your home or a lovely, private spot in your yard. However, any place where you practice magic is your temple, and any place you treat with reverence is sacred space.

5. Cleanse the area where you’ll perform your spell.

You can do this by smudging it with smoke from burning sage or incense, or by sweeping it with a broom, or both. Light a sage wand/bundle (available at New Age shops and online) or a stick of sage incense. Walk in a circle (starting in the east), letting the smoke waft through the area. Sometimes, imagining the area filled with pure white light may be enough. Now stand in the center of your space and feel the fresh, light, clean energy around you.

6. Cast a circle around the space.

A magick circle provides a barrier that keeps unwanted energies out and holds desired energies in. Circles embody a wealth of symbolism, including wholeness, unity, completion, protection, eternity, and power. The ritual of casting a circle can be as simple or as complex as you want (or need) it to be. Some people engage in elaborate and intricate ceremonies, but you can also cast a perfectly effective circle by simply envisioning the area surrounded by a wall of pure white light. For a standard way to cast a circle, walk around the perimeter (often three times) of your intended workspace, beginning in the east and moving clockwise until you’ve made a complete circle and come back to your starting point. If you wish, draw the circle using a ceremonial sword, wand, or athame.