Love magic rituals by Vooja

Love magic rituals by Vooja, Vooja offers different love magic rituals in a set including precise instructions, all the necessary

ingredients and personal support from our small team. The rituals are based on old, tried and

tested recipes from Brazil and love ancient Europe. You have to be careful with love: That is why all

of our ritual sets are lovingly put together by hand before they are neatly packaged and sent

on their way. If you have any questions, we are of course always happy to help you personally! ♥

What is love magic and does it work?

Love magic is the act of attracting, well, love! Don’t be fooled, though: It won’t make someone fall in love with you. Love magic only works if the energy is there and already headed in a certain direction. Meaning, if you and your crush have mutual feelings for each other, magic can help accelerate the energy between you two. It will act like a magnetic force drawing you both together. Rather than making someone fall in love with you, love magic is about attracting love that already exists — and that can come in many forms. Keep an open mind and an open heart.

.Make love spells yourself, but how?

If you want to do the love spell yourself, there are a few things to consider. Here are a few tips:

Make love spells yourself – you have to pay attention to that

Idyllic flower meadow: symbolic image for love magic

VOOJA MAGIC TIPS Humans have been performing rituals

Make love spells yourself since ancient times – on all continents and at all times. The knowledge that has been passed down from generation.

generation is hidden deep within us: You can feel the echo of an intuitive basic knowledge as soon as you perform a

love spell yourself for the first time. So it is not surprising that love rituals all over the world are essentially the same.

Magical rituals can only really develop their effect if the person concerned performs the love spell himself.

The heart’s will and the power of thought give the love spell its direction and give it effect. The stronger the desire and

the more authentic the feelings, the more powerful the love spell can be. Love rituals that are carried out as

substitutes without the lover being actively involved should, however, always be viewed with caution. They are often

 Good to know: The

expert can at best have a supportive effect, because nobody feels the intensity of the feelings like the person

concerned and can use them accordingly. It is therefore always better and safer to make the love spell yourself and, if

necessary, to be accompanied by an expert with advice and action