Spells To Break Up A Relationship

Spells To Break Up A Relationship, breakup spells to Break Up a Couple or relationship using lemon, voodoo & black magic. Is your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or wife in a relationship with someone else? Do you want to break them up? Are you searching for a spell to break up a couple quickly? Then you are landed at the perfect place.
Today you are going to learn how to cast a break-up couple spell and return your ex without harming or hurting anyone.

What Can My Break-up Couple Spells Do For You?

Being an experienced breakup spell caster, my spells are powerful and proven for desired results. If you follow the right procedure, my spell to break up a couple,
Make impossible to possible.
*can break any relationship, marriage, or couple.
*can make him or her regret and bow on your feet.
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I have been casting breakup spells for over 30+ years. That’s the reason I ensure guaranteed results. So if you are ready to know how to break a couple from a distance, then you should keep on reading and perform the below-shared breakup spells with the step-by-step procedure or ask me to do the spell on your behalf for.

Note: You can follow the entire procedure at home. But: if you don’t have time or arrangements to do the spells, then you can ask me to do the entire process for you to ensure quick results in #12 hours.

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What are Powerful Breakup Spells?

Break-up spells are ancient practices originating from traditional witchcraft, intended to help a person break a romantic connection between two people or a couple. By focusing on the individual’s intent, it is believed that negative energies are scattered off into the universe to break the bond between two literal souls.

The breakup spell can be intense and requires great focus, dedication, and patience to work correctly – while ensuring that all parties involved can move on peacefully after the process has been completed. Casting break-up spells to break a relationship has become a popular way to break off the bonds of unhealthy or unwanted relationships.

Who Should Cast A Relationship Break-up Spell?

If your boyfriend or girlfriend is in a relationship with someone else and you want to break them up and return your lover, then you should break up spell casting. Casting a breakup spell requires someone who is adept in the spell-casting arts. This art has been used for centuries to break up couples, marriage or friendship and many believe it has powerful effects. Many websites offer Break-up spells, but they often don’t go deep enough to have real results.
For real break-up power, you should consult an experienced spell caster like me who can call upon true spiritual forces to break the spell of attraction between two people.

Spells To Break Up A Relationship
Spells To Break Up A Relationship

Let’s move on to Breakup Spells To Break up A Couple or Relationship [ Lemon, Voodoo & Black Magic ] Casting:

Spells to break a relationship casting can seem intimidating, but if you break down the process step by step, it is actually quite manageable.

1) Lemon Salt Breakup Spell:

A lemon salt breakup spell is a simple but effective way to end an unhealthy relationship. The power of this spell comes from the combined properties of the two ingredients: lemon, which has long been associated with cleansing and purification, and salt, which is known to have protective qualities and can draw negativity away from a person.

To cast the lemon salt breakup spell, you need:

One fresh lemon
Sea salt
A white candle
A bowl or plate
Matches or lighter
Pen and paper (optional)


1. Begin by lighting your candle. As you do so, focus on releasing any negative emotions related to the relationship that you are trying to end. Visualize these feelings floating away from you as the flickering light of the flame grows brighter.

2. Take the sea salt and pour it into your bowl or plate. Visualize all of your pain leaving your body as the salt absorbs it.

3. Once all of your pain has been released in this manner, take the lemon and begin squeezing it over the salt in your bowl or plate. Imagine that as each drop of juice falls upon it, both ingredients combine their energies together to create a powerful cleansing force that can remove any negative energy still lingering within you due to this relationship.

4. Keep squeezing until there is no more juice left in the lemon, then set both ingredients aside for later use once you are finished with your spellcasting ritual.

5. Now repeat the breakup spell chant words three times while envisioning yourself strong from this relationship:

6. Once you have recited the spell words three times, blow out the flame of your candle to bring an end to the ritual.

At this point, write down the names of both the person or couple you want to break up onto a piece of paper and dispose of it on fire or water according to burial traditions.

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2) Voodoo Break up Spell

If you’re looking to break up a relationship through some magical means, a voodoo breakup spell might be just the thing for you. This is an old-fashioned spell that works with the magical properties of the Moon. It’s best to cast this spell on a waning moon, but it can also work on any night when the Moon is out of sight.

Ingredients You’ll need voodoo to break up a couple: 

– Photo of a couple
-An Athame
-Black or white candle
-Pen and paper

Cast A Voodoo Break-up Spell:

To begin, take an athame and cut open the lemon. Sprinkle some salt into the juice from the lemon and mix it all together with your finger. As you do so, focus on what you want to achieve with this voodoo spell which is to break up this relationship. Once mixed, light the candle and carefully drip some wax onto the photo of the couple.

Now draw two circles around each other on the paper with your athame – one inside of the other – while still focusing intently on what it is that you wish to accomplish.

Once finished, drop a few drops of lemon and salt mixture onto each circle while repeating the chant “——————“. Put down your athame and blow out the candle before folding up your paper three times so that no one else can see what lies within it.

Place this folded paper and photo of the couple somewhere that won’t be disturbed like under a tree or in a hole in nature’s earth until such time as you feel that your spell has been completed or fulfilled.

You may wish to keep checking back at this special place periodically over time to see if something has changed or shifted as a result of casting this voodoo break-up spell as oftentimes magic takes its own sweet time!

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3) Black Magic To Break up A Relationship:

The black magic breakup spell is an incredibly powerful spell and should be handled with extreme caution. To begin casting the spell, focus on what you want to achieve and why. Visualize the couple as two separate entities, as if they were never together at all. Then, create a chant that reflects your intention.
Once you have created your chant, find somewhere private where you can be undisturbed and recite it aloud three times while visualizing the end of the relationship. After this is complete, gather some objects associated with both parties in the relationship.

Place them in front of you and envision the couple being pulled away from each other. Imagine them losing their feelings for one another until finally, they are strangers no more. With each item placed in front of you, chant the following words:

Light it while reciting your original chant three times over; with each repetition. Feel more powerful energy radiating through your body until finally released into the universe. After this ritual is complete, thank whatever spiritual entity you invoked for its help by saying:


If you want to break up with someone but don’t want the drama or pain that comes with it, this spell is for you. It is a simple break-up spell that will work immediately, and it uses black magic to achieve its effects.